Michael Horton and a Truncated Gospel



With all the respect that I have for Dr. Horton and the Westminster staff in Escondido and all the wonderful things they have done for the kingdom of God, I have come to realize a devastating truth prevalent in there theological gleanings.

I saw this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caMVMayR690

about a year ago and thought Horton was spectacular in his theological explanation, concise in his message and loving in his demeanor. Now I only hold to the latter two…

While there are good things that he says in 3 minutes there are some things that are unexpected which makes ones eyes light up and think “did he just say that?”

He has a strict definition of what gospel means, namely, “God’s promise of salvation in Christ…a victory announcement” something that we are passive in, something that we don’t live but believe in, not what we do but what has been done which are all true; but…

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India. On the Road.

Natalia Maks

It’s difficult to describe the experience on the Indian “highways” without laughter and astonishment. I wouldn’t rent a car there in my life. No one using the signal lights, people simply honk. The signs and the marks on the roads are simply for decoration: no one stays in lane. In three lanes I saw five to seven different vehicles not mentioning some animals. When our bus had to make the left turn, the driver assistant simply stuck out half of his body into the window and waved to the vehicles behind us to wait.

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HeartCry Whining

5 Pt. Salt

Marc Glass

Updated June 8, 2013. Marc refuses to name one slander or lie in the combox as requested (please see comment policy for further info – blog rules exist for good reasons commonly understood). Just baiting and stirring up strife using social media. Avoid such men. I see no benefit in it and consider the matter closed.

Updated June 7, 2013. I originally entitled this post HeartCry Missionary Whining, but that was inaccurate. This is a public accusation, towards myself, of public sins of “slander and lies”, and will be dealt with as such. 

Marc Glass of HeartCry Missionary Society is, apparently, dead set on going public with accusations of alleged “slander and lies”  by me toward HeartCry Missionary Society, Paul Washer and/or Christ Church Radford (formerly known as Radford Fellowship, the Paul Washer/HeartCry church plant.)

I have no idea why.

He’s made no private contact (and he knows my number), no attempt…

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Book Review: Notes on Galatians by J. Machen

never seen this book! Want to read


notes on galatians -machenI had this Saturday off (May 18th) and decided to go through another book, this time by Machen. This is my first book I read by Machen (I tried going through C&L a while back but it was difficult to grasp) and it was great!

Machen is best known for his polemical works against Liberalism streaming into Presbyterianism in the late 19th and early 20th century, so this commentary of sorts was an unexpected work.

Machen writes concisely and wont go into heavy detail of argumentation here. It is an outline of sorts. He goes chapter by chapter highlighting main areas in the book.

I wanted some more on chapters 3 and 4 especially with regards to some debated texts even in Reformed circles (Galatians 3:12, 4:21-31) but they were missing. However what he does write is spot on.

I believe he takes a Southern Galatian view (meaning the book was written probably…

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Only the preaching of the cross brings gospel comfort of forgiveness

very good!

Reformedontheweb's Blog

fullerI do not mean to say that all consolation which comes suddenly to the mind, or by the impression of a passage of Scripture, any more than by reading, or hearing, is delusive. It is not the manner in which we obtain relief, that is of any account, but what it is that comforts us. If it be the doctrine of the cross, or any revealed truth pertaining to it, this is Gospel consolation; but if it be a supposed revelation from heaven of something which is not taught in the Scriptures, that is a species of comfort on which no dependence can be placed. A believer may be so far misled, as to be carried away with it; but, if a man have nothing better, he is still an unbeliever.

Rev. Andrew Fuller–The Great Question Answered

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The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts – When Power Comes to the Church

This is my story, this is my song.


As mentioned in my last blog, I am beginning a series reviewing Sam Storms book, The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts. Today we get the ball rolling with chapter one.

Sam kicks off the book by sharing about the many things that he is encouraged by in the western church he lists; attendance and giving are up (american context), there is more and more conferences, sales of christian books steadily increase, small groups are becoming more and more popular and Christians are beginning to find their voices in the public arena.

But the tables soon turn:

“Preachers teach the Bible, and people snore. Homemakers share their faith and it falls on deaf ears. Lives get broken but rarely get fixed. Bodies are suffering, yet few are healed. Marriages are dying, and people just give up. Temptations are faced, and sin flourishes. The poor are hungry and stay that way.”

Tough words! Are they true? Probably.

Storms argues that…

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Book of the Week, Tolle Lege!


stThis week was the toughest with regards to reading. I had the privilege of reading Louis Berkhof’s, Systematic Theology. I had to average about 150 pages a day (skipping one) and that wasn’t easy. Also I barely had time to read other smaller articles and books.

Luckily I was able to speed read through it and retain the majority of the things he said. On a side note, speed-reading is very effective if done correctly… hopefully in another blog I can write about the methods I’ve used and read about that helped tremendously.

Going to the content of the book: I was extremely impressed by Berkhof’s work and his trenchant style of writing. His wide arsenal of resources concerning theology and church history are very enlightening. Berkhof is the classic systematic to go to if you are Reformed or if you want to learn about Reformed theology. Having read Grudem’s…

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